July 2003 Fellows Reception

  These photographs of the 2003 Rosenthal Fellows and past Fellows were taken at

  the annual reception at the home of Rick and Judy Gilmore in July 2003.

2003 Rosenthal Fellows (from left) - Duncan Long, Maria Reff, Adam Frankel, Nick Barnard, Carl Robichaud, Nicole Isaac, Ben Barry, Sundara Vadlamudi

Past Rosenthal fellows: We'll name only past fellows (current fellows are best seen in photo above):  Front row from left - David Kligerman ('99), Jared Feinberg ('00), Laurie Zimmerman ('99), Andrea Barron ('82), John Clapp ('93, behind Jared F.) Sarah Samson ('01, not shown), Cara Abercrombie ('02, not shown).

Maria Reff ('03)

Ben Barry ('03)

Nick Barnard ('03)

Nicole Isaac ('03)

Adam Frankel ('03)

Sundara Vadlamudi ('03)

Carl Robichaud ('03)

Duncan Long ('03)

Andrea Barron ('82)

Cara Abercrombie ('02)

Jared Feinberg ('00)

Laurie Zimmerman ('99) and fiance Martin Koran

Judy Gilmore and Maria Reff ('03)

John Clapp ('93)

David Kligerman ('99)

Nicole Isaac ('03) and Maria Reff ('03)