July 2005 Fellows Reception

These photographs of the 2005 Rosenthal Fellows and past Fellows were taken at the annual reception at the home of Rick and Judy Gilmore in July 2005. There is a link from each photo to the next.

2005 Rosenthal Fellows (from left) - Gearoid Millar, Nandu Machiraju, Matt Malloy, James Warner, Ling Liang, Dan Cook, Marian Drake, David Whitelaw, Federico Baradello.

2005 Rosenthal Fellows along with many of the past fellows who attended the reception.

Dan Cook ('05)

David Whitelaw ('05)

Federico Baradello ('05)

Gearoid Millar ('05)

James Warner ('05)

Ling Liang ('05)

Marian Drake ('05)

Matt Malloy ('05)

Nandu Machiraju ('05)

Alex Barrasso ('98)

David Delaney ('01)

Duncan Long ('03)

Irene Wu ('93)

Jared Feinberg ('00)

Laurie Zimmerman ('99)

Maria Reff ('03)

Mike Froman ('84)

Nicole Isaac ('03)

Paul Eckert ('90)

Shadi Hamid ('04)

Stephen Young ('88)

Vernis Welmon ('80)