July 2008 Fellows Reception

These photographs of the 2008 Rosenthal Fellows and past Fellows were taken at the annual reception at the home of Rick and Judy Gilmore in July 2008. There is a link from each photo to the next.

2008 Rosenthal Fellows (from left) - Michael Mylrea, Kelly Walters, Brett Yellen, Bonnie Rose Schulman  Second Row:  Brian Holuj, Rob Nelson, Geoffroy Ponte, Ivan Rasmussen.  Not Present:  Raja Gundu, Ben Bain, Ed Shin.

Brian Holuj ('08)

Michael Mylrea ('08)

Rob Nelson ('08)

Geoffroy Ponte ('08)

Ivan Rasmussen ('08)

Bonnie Rose Schulman ('08)

Kelly Zack Walters ('08)

Brett Yellen ('08)

Vernis Welmon ('80) and Rick Gilmore  

Other Past Fellows at the reception:  Andrea Barron ('82), John Clapp ('93), Neal Higgins ('96), Jared Feinberg ('00), David Delaney ('01), Danny Barlow ('04), Jessica Berlow ('07)