1998 Fellows Reception

These photographs of the 1998 Rosenthal Fellows and past Fellows were taken at the annual reception at the home of Rick and JudyGilmore on July 7, 1998.

   The 1998 Rosenthal Fellows:  Liz Colagiuri, Alex Barrasso and Ula Solomon (l-r)

   Alex Barrasso ('98)

   Liz Colagiuri ('98)

   Ula Solomon ('98)

   Bob Filippone ('94),who is also Liz Colagiuri's supervisor in Senator Bob Graham's office

   Dan Horner ('87)

   Evelyn Farkas ('93)

   Greg May ('97)

   Steve Watts ('97)

   Alan Kuperman ('96)and Alex Barrasso ('98)